Welcome to

Clarus Property Coaching

Are you fed up of the webinars that tell you what you can do, but not how to do it?

Have you read all the books and found few answers?

you attended one day courses to be asked to buy the three day courses?

Have you had the worrying feeling that you may never ever get the answers unless you fork out a small fortune? Have you already spent a small fortune to discover that!?

you may be here because you have realised that property mentorship is for you.



Like you we realized that if we want the answers to our increasing list of questions then the best way to learn is to find someone who is several steps ahead of a similar property journey to you. By using a mentor you are benefitting from their experiences and their mistakes. We can tell you what works, and what doesn’t. We can tell you what is quick and productive, and what isn’t.

We can save you time by sharing our secrets with you.

We believe in quick, simple, cost effective, and time saving strategies to boost your portfolio, increase your income, and paths your way to financial freedom.

Clarus Property Coaching is for you if..

you are serious about property investment

you are committed to actioning the plans we discuss with you

you really really want to change your life.

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Who we are

We are primarily property investors who first starting buying residential property way back in the early 90's. Having built a portfolio of residential, commercial and overseas property the slow traditional route of Buy to Let we learnt how to source property through creative strategies. These expertise in property, sales and marketing have enabled us to build four Clarus companies to run a group which includes a brokering, investing, residential, HMO, coaching and Serviced Apartment business. Reacting to a huge demand for us to share our expertise we made the decision to form Clarus Property Coaching Limited where we are committed to help people achieve what we have achieved. Financial independence.

What we do

We source, package, sell, market, invest, manage and we teach you to do it like we do it.


We source and package through Lease Options, BMV's and Assisted Sales.


We continue to build our portfolio of single lets, HMO's, Serviced Apartments and commercial.


We are Professional and Accredited Landlords with 20 years experience in standard tenancies and Tenant Buyers.


We coach people to do everything we do, they way we do it.

How we can help

We tell you the secrets, we give you the key to the door, we support you and we hold you accountable.

clarus's Services

We teach, support, mentor and develop potential future Joint Venture Partners.

Monster Lease Options

learn how to maximise your deals with strategies such as double dips and serviced apartments.

Learn how we ACTUALLY do it

we will show you how we did it so you can learn from our mistakes as well as our successes.


Be a JV partner

graduate with us and we will invite you to join our Mastermind Group.

Access our Mastermind Group

benefit from our contacts to ensure you are maximising your deals. Quality is always better than quantity and it saves time.


Who we can't help

We can’t help the people who don’t take action. We can’t help the people who think that THEIR success is solely dependant on whichever course or mentor they choose. We can’t help people who procrastinate. We can’t help people who aren’t prepared to put everything into this life changing business. If you want to take the road to success then you have to take the wheel and drive down that road to success. Do it and enjoy it. Now.